Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

September 4th we went to Disney World with a couple and their two kids. We decided to fly which was a first for Rusty and Braxton. I just knew I had it made because I love to look out the window while flying and I knew Rusty wouldn't want it because he hates heights. Got on the plane and low and behold I lost the window seat to a three year old. When we landed in Orlando Rusty said he was so glad he flew instead of drove. We arrived in the room that night and Braxton was amazed. There was a three story Buzz and Woody outside our room and a huge Rex, Little Bo Peep and RC. We went and ate dinner and called it a night to get rested for Sunday. On Sunday morning we woke up and rode the Disney bus too the Magic Kingdom. The look on Braxtons face was priceless. It started off with a huge parade that included his all time favorite Buzz and Woody. We rode some rides and ate lunch and went back to let the kids rest some. We went to dinner Sunday night at Coral Reef in Epcot and it was so yummy. We saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy while in Epcot. Monday we went back to the Magic Kingdom and rode some more rides and got pictures with more characters. When we got off of Aladdin's magic carpet ride we ran into Aladdin and Jasmine. Braxton laid eyes on Jasmine and it was like Buzz and Woody who. Jasmine ended there picture session sealed with a kiss. The rest of the trip all Braxton wanted to know is when are we going back to see Jasmine. Monday night we ate at Epcot at a steak house and the name is totally leaving my mind of what it was called. We watched a fireworks show that was beautiful and then headed back to the room for a good nights rest. On Tuesday we caught the monorail and we went and had breakfast with Mickey and saw Minnie, Donald and Pluto while we were there. Tuesday afternoon we went to Hollywood Studio's and the adults rode the Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster that was amazing best roller coaster ever. Then we caught a short thirty minute show of Beauty and the Beast. While at Hollywood Studio's we came across Luigi's Garage from the movie Cars. I was so excited when Lightening McQueen and Mater were out front visiting. We got Braxton up in between both of them for a picture and as I said cheese Lightening McQueen showed him his loud engine and lets just say when I snapped the picture Braxton wasn't smiling. We went to dinner at Hollywood Studio's called 50's Prime Time. I think it became a favorite. Wednesday Sharon and her little girl Kate went to eat Breakfast with the princesses so we slept in that morning. When we got up and got going Rusty, Braxton and I went too Magic Kingdom while they went back to the hotel. Braxton became a race car driver and crashed us several times, but to hear the laughter and seeing him have so much fun made the whiplash worth it. On Thursday we went to Animal Kingdom. We saw the Finding Nemo show and the adults rode Everest roller coaster. On Thursday night we took a boat to Disney's Boardwalk and ate at ESPN. On Friday Rusty, Braxton and I went back to Hollywood Studio's and stood in the Toy Story Mania line for 55 minutes for Braxton to ride. We met up with the Whitted's for lunch at Hollywood Studio's at Hollywood and Vine and had lunch with Handy Mandy and it was horrible. I would not recommend that place to anybody. We ate dinner Friday night at the hotel and started packing. We had to catch the bus Saturday morning at 7:15 to take us to the airport for our flight back to Birmingham. The trip ended with Braxton's favorite part being the Disney bus (came home with a three pack of them) and the monorail (came home with a motorized monorail also) and still wanting to know when we are going back to see Jasmine. I can't wait for us to go back because we had so much fun.

Beach Trip

In May my sister-n-law Neva, Jaxon, Braxton and me went back to the beach for my work conference. This year we had Gammy tag along. The boys loved having her with us. A few days she stayed in the room with the boys during nap and gave Neva and I some us time. We laid out by the pool and one day went to the bay and hung out. We just relaxed and enjoyed being together. I can't wait to go back next year with them and I hope Gammy tags along again to enjoy the fun with us.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year's

We spent New Years in Gatlinburg this year. We went up on Sunday the 27th and came back New Year's Day. We went with my parents, my brother, his wife and my nephew. It was so cold but it was fun. We got to see some snow and the boys enjoyed playing in it. On New Years Eve we stayed up till 12 and watched the fireworks from our room because we were scared to get stuck down in Gatlinburg knowing we had to get up the next morning to go home. The boys didn't make it but I think we were glad because they were hyper and into everything. We hope 2010 brings you a great year.

Somebody's been good this year

Braxton woke up to a pile of presents from Santa. He was so excited and didn't know what to think. Santa brought car's stuff, Buzz Lightyear, a pack pack with a monkey and Braxtons name on it, a Leap Frog tag junior and so much more. When it was all said and done Braxton's favorite gift was a..........Mater pez dispenser. What would you know a $1.99 toy being the big hit :-) I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Picture's

I've feel in love with Morris Avenue. I love the cobblestone streets, the lamp post and everything else about it. Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from this past weekend.

from our family to your's

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Rusty, Ashley and Braxton

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today we went to Morris Avenue in downtown. My friend Melissa went with us and took some amazing pictures. It was so cold but we still had a blast. Braxton was so funny because he kept hearing the trains and just keeping hollering choo choo mama choo choo.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

Today we put up our Christmas tree and a few decorations. I can tell it's already going to be a long month worth of no Braxton don't touch the ornaments. Also, no Braxton don't touch the presents or try to open them. Tonight while I was wrapping he kepts tell me those are Jaxon's presents (my nephew). He kept telling me Braxton not have a present and I told him they were till in the North Pole with Santa. As Braxton gets older holiday's are so much more exciting. I will post more pictures later but wanted to share my favorite from tonight.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disney On Ice

We took Braxton to see Disney on Ice a few weeks ago. He had so much fun and would not take is eyes off the ice. I was so proud of him because he sat through the whole thing until the big bad beast came out. Braxton quickly looked at me and said "are you ready to go home mommy." Needless to say he was tuff and stuck it out till the very end. So after $50.00 tickets, $12.00 Mickey Mouse doll and a $10.00 bag of cotton candy the look on his face was "PRICELESS". Yes you did see that correctly $10.00 bag of cotton candy.

Braxtons B'day Party!

Sorry I'm just now posting. We've been without a computer and just got it back today. We had Braxtons birthday party on November the 8th and he had so much fun. He enjoyed playing with his friends and opening presents and eating cake. Enjoy some of the pictures from his big day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Braxton

Well my little man is growing up just way to fast. Braxton turned three today and it just seems like yesterday he was born. People always told me enjoy it because they grow up so fast boy were they telling the truth. We are having a Thomas birthday party Sunday and I'll post pictures of that this weekend. Tonight Rusty and I had cupcakes with Braxton. He ate the icing and through the cake part away saying "I not want it". Happy birthday Braxton we love you!